The combination of main meters, submeters and data concentrators provides you with a highly accurate picture of your total energy consumption.

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Data concentrators


The RTU+ V6 is a modular data concentrator designed to collect, store, process and transmit data from 32 different metering devices.


The high-tech RTU+Server2 features fully configurable energy monitoring capability and acts as a front-end, even for older or low-end meters.


The smaller WebRTUZ2 data concentrator is the perfect solution for remote data collection from isolated endpoints or in hard-to-reach environments.



Future proof your submetering.
Measure and monitor specific energy circuits ranging from lighting to HVAC and refrigeration.

EIMeter Flex

Save space and lower your installation costs with EIMeter Flex, our advanced modular submetering system.

Current transformers

Split-core current transformers

Easily install our current transformers with mV output in no time without the need to disconnect any loads.

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