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Through energy visibility, taking meaningful actions on energy exceptions and increased people engagement, the Enacto applications will support you in achieving even greater reductions.

Meter data collection

Multi utility data collection support for 200+ meter types gives the freedom to stay with your preferred meter supplier.

Correlate energy consumption with BMS information, weather parameters or budget figures for further analysis.

Monitoring & verification

Keep a close look on your energy consumption and act immediately to energy exceptions, ensuring the impact of issues on energy savings are kept to a minimum.

Project tracking

Track implemented energy saving projects, compare the performance of different projects and decide whether to track project-by-project success rate and replicate successful projects to other sites.

Energy budgeting

Compare an asset’s consumption data with an energy budget in order to check it is still on target and you’re not exceeding your energy budget.

Energy analytics and dashboards

Benchmark the energy performance of a site against other sites, previous years and much more.

Immediately view how an entire estate is performing and drill down in no time to a single site or group of sites.

Carbon and compliance reporting

Simple, understandable and detailed reports ensure compliance with carbon and energy savings reporting such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) or CDP.

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