Whether you would like to have better insight of your energy consumption, maximise and sustain your energy savings or future proof your energy saving strategies, Enacto is the next-generation energy intelligence solution that multi-site commercial companies can rely on.

Through energy visibility, taking meaningful actions on your energy exceptions and increased people engagement, you can:

Reduce your energy cost and control energy drift

Track the return on energy saving projects and initiatives

Save on operational and reporting costs


reasons why you should consider Enacto

  • Average of 8.5% energy cost savings*
  • Limited CAPEX
  • No significant extra resources
  • Average payback time of less than 3.5 years*
  • Expected IRR above 25%*

* Results revealed by our customer workshops; results may vary depending on various factors, such as actions taken by the customer, cost of energy, existing EMS systems and infrastructure, maturity of the customer or geographic region.

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