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  • 20+ years' experience delivering Enterprise Energy Management systems
  • Real, proven energy savings
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scalable - grows with your business needs
  • Global footprint - 85 000 metering points over 13 000 facilities
  • End-to-end solution, from submetering to Enterprise Energy Management
  • Full workflow: issue detection → resolution → management reporting
  • Open Protocol - flexible integration
  • Part of the Honeywell family

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Enacto Metering and Data Collection

A full hardware solution to suit your needs

Enacto Professional Services

Dedicated teams supporting your optimisation programme

ComprehensiveTraining Programme

From online modules to advanced face-to-face training. Covering all aspects of Enacto operations

Installation & Implementation

Fully supported data import and commissioning framework. Trusted installation partners to guarantee quality

Managed Services

Porfessional data services from our team of IPMVP-certified analysts, saving you resource whilst maximising savings

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