Elster EnergyICT has announced the launch of Enacto 9.3 which delivers comprehensive, accurate and actionable energy intelligence to energy managers to allow them to reduce energy costs and increase savings. The launch brings new features and enhanced functionality to meet the evolving needs of multi-site organisations in the commercial and retail sectors. This is the latest version of the company’s pioneering Enacto energy monitoring management platform and portfolio.

Enacto logoEnacto 9.3 enables users to examine different assets and equipment at site level, while building a clear and concise view of energy usage across the broader estate. This level of visibility ensures users can see where energy is being wasted and unlock hidden patterns in their organisation’s energy consumption to improve business performance.

Enacto 9.3 is a cloud-hosted platform with built-in intelligence and self-learning capability. It analyses data and automatically alerts energy managers to areas needing attention. Furthermore, the platform learns from the actions taken in order to prevent unnecessary alarms being raised in the future. Optimum savings can be achieved with Enacto’s enhanced, flexible and granular reporting, across any asset or site measurement point.

“Working with major national and global clients, we have first-hand experience of the challenges they face, and a proven track record in delivering tangible energy and cost savings,” says Spencer Rigler, Vice President Energy Management for Elster EnergyICT. “Enacto 9.3 is the direct result of our heritage and front-line experience, with major commercial multi-site enterprises globally giving a unique approach to energy visualisation and management within the context of a company’s real-world needs and processes. It brings a new level of automation by enabling energy managers to overcome the deluge of data and target areas that deliver the greatest savings.”

Advanced users of the Enacto platform are currently seeing a 25-30 per cent energy reduction on their baseline. With powerful and intricate analysis of energy usage with an automated energy alarm process, Enacto 9.3 ensures that asset inefficiencies, equipment faults and wasteful behaviour are identified early and highlighted as action points. Project and savings tracking tools independently monitor actions and outcomes to quantify success, enabling the energy manager to verify current and predicated ROI at an asset or site level. Furthermore user-friendly and user defined dashboards allow the presentation of energy data analytics and reporting to all levels in the organisation.

“The ability to link robust and reliable data collection with a highly-functional and user-friendly presentation layer is essential,” says Kristof Lamont, Product Manager Energy Intelligence, Elster EnergyICT. “Using Enacto 9.3, energy managers and staff can maximise the impact of energy management programmes, effect behavioural change, and realise significant and sustainable cost savings over the long-term.”